What user data we collect

Libre Graphics World only has accounts for people with administrator/editor privileges. As such, the only other data the CMS is able to collect is the basic data about people who leave comments:

  • IP address
  • real name or nickname, whichever was submitted by the user
  • email address, real or fake, whichever was submitted by the user
  • the text of the comment

Due to ongoing transition to a new domain name and CMS, submission of new comments is disabled.

How long we store the information we collect

Libre Graphics World only retains comments made since autumn 2011, after the switch to the currently used CMS. There is no policy in place to set time of life for every comment submission, nor does the CMS provide tools to automate that. However, due to ongoing transition to a new domain name and a different CMS all collected data is expected to be destroyed by September 2018.

How we use and/or share the data we collect

We don't.

What third parties have access to your data

Libre Graphics World uses Google Analytics to understand what topics are of main interest to readers and what online channels our readers come from.

Now that Google Analytics is rolling our data retention tools, we have set it to store only 14 months worth of data, the least available option.

To the best of our knowledge, no other third parties track visitors of Libre Graphics World.

We are considering options for basic web analytics tool that do not submit your data anywhere else at all.

How you can control your data on LGW

If you want to have all your comments deleted or review all comments you submitted to the website, please write to