Introducing Van Chatto on Patreon with a Synfig showcasing project SVG 2.0 Candidate Recommendation Published, Working Group Charter Extended LibreDWG revived, starts getting regular releases Gradient meshes and hatching to be removed from SVG 2.0 Scribus 1.5.4 released with CxF3 and initial QuarkXPress support GIMP 2.10 released, what’s up with the new release policy? Krita 4.0 released, conversation with the team Mastering Inkscape in 2018: what’s best among books, courses, and tutorials 2018 in perspective How to view reference images in GIMP Introducing libresvg, a rival to librsvg and QtSvg DIGImend Project Revived To Improve Non-Wacom Tablets Support on Linux Valentina Fork Settles Down As Seamly2D, Valentina Goes On Document Liberation Project announces initial QuarkXPress support Inkscape hackfest planned for late June in Paris Is SVG 2 really on life support? Krita To Kickstart New Text And Vector Tools darktable 2.0 released with printing support GIMP 2.9.2 Released, How About Features Trivia? Morevna animation project launches new crowdfunding campaign GIMP is 20 Years Old, What’s Next? Book Review: Digital Painting with Krita 2.9 Afanasy Render Farm Manager Gets Natron Support SANE update brings support for over 300 scanners and MFUs on Linux 3D printing support in CUPS demystified Red Hat releases free/libre Overpass font family ArgyllCMS 1.8.0 released with support for SwatchMate Cube colorimeter GEGL gets mipmaps, 71 new image processing operations Krita raises over €33,000 at Kickstarter Introducing Antimony, free graph-based 3D CAD system Anatomy of SourceForge/GIMP controversy ZeMarmot, open animated movie to be made with GIMP, Blender, Ardour Krita launches second Kickstarter campaign to fund development Synfig Studio 1.0 released Ardour 4 brings sleeker UI, new editing tools, native CoreAudio/ASIO support The future of Audacity, interview with the team FreeCAD 0.15 released, team explores community funding Free pattern making software Valentina 0.3 released Symmetry painting mode lands to unstable GIMP MuseScore 2.0 brings better music notation, improved usability Program of Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 conference is up Kimiko Ishizaka and MuseScore team release Open Well-Tempered Clavier OpenSCAD 2015.03 released with text objects support Krita 2.9 released with tons of new crowd-sponsored features Inkscape to organize its first community-funded hackfest The complete story of Paris-8 university going for Krita, Blender, Natron Talks submission deadline for LGM2015 extended give credit to creators or die trying Inkscape 0.91 released Blender 2.73: Houston, 2D animation apps have a problem Natron 1.0 brings free VFX compositing to Linux, Windows, Mac users Entangle app gets stop motion preview Boudewijn Rempt on the state of affairs with Krita Foundation CGRU render farm manager gets improved Blender plugin darktable 1.6.0 released with support for X-Trans and obnoxiously large files sK1 vector  graphics editor gets maintenance update ProEXR creator comes up with MOX, new open file format for movie production Turn your Android tablet into color fidelity multitool with ArgyllPRO ColorMeter Weybec and Blender Institute release Monkaa open movie MOD Duo, Linux-based multieffect pedal, gets crowdfunded Artificial intelligence designs websites, uses open technology stack Blender returns to VIEW Conference 2014 Axiom Beta, open digital cinema camera, funded on IndieGoGo Change of heart: Inkscape starts encouraging paid development Is Photoshop for Chrome OS going to kill GIMP? Lightworks 12 gets better assets management, improves interoperability Meet BirdFont 1.0, free type design app Artist uses Audacity, GIMP, Processing to create 3D printed jewelry Quasado opensources Gravit, web-based design tool DIGImend project delivers support for Yiynova digitizers Libre Music Production project launched Diagramming with bling: VRT updates free stencils for LibreOffice Explore new ideas with latest Distrho’s softsynths Tupi project goes to Indiegogo, asks for funding of a Windows port Guitarix gets octaver plugin, loads external effects Krita team raises €15K on Kickstarter, revisits OSX plans Document Liberation project announces EPUB exporting tool Drawchemy, Android app for sketching, pays tribute to Alchemy Open Asset Import Library 3.1 released with FBX 2013+ support Krita, free painting app, launches Kickstarter campaign DrawPile, free collaborative drawing app, gains momentum Natron 0.92 released with new roto and keying nodes Stable version of Scribus gets exporting for print-on-demand services ButtleOFX, free compositing app, goes alpha Resistance is futile, librevenge has arrived Pianoteq 5 released, features more vibrant emulated piano sound Meet Agata, crowdsourced animated movie being created with Blender 33 exciting GSoC2014 projects for creative professionals Document Liberation… And justice for all CGRU render farm manager gets web UI Krita 2.8 released with new tools and full Windows support MediaGoblin launches fundraiser to unite distributed media platforms Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 program is made of awesome Pitivi’s fundraiser: out of the NLE hell on Linux? Playkot reveals: SuperCity game graphics done with Blender, Krita, GIMP Krita Foundation starts shipping Muses, the second training DVD SVG Cleaner 0.6: even faster and more accurate Luminance HDR 2.4.0 gets FITS support and 32bit TIFF exporting Lightworks 11.5 released with commercial Linux support GStreamer, Movit, Sozi, and more multimedia projects at FOSDEM 2014