Why we ask for donations

Conducting insightful interviews and writing in-depth articles takes a huge amount of time. Hence making this project sustainable involves financial support one way or another. We rely on the community to fund us.

Where you can donate

Libre Graphics World (LGW) accepts both recurring and one-time donations. Currently, there are three options:

Liberapay. For recurring donations, increasingly popular with the free software community.

Patreon. For recurring donations, very popular platform for content creators and even programmers.

PayPal. You can use it for one-time donations. Please note that this is a page for now, a better solution will be launched next year.

How we use your donations

The money covers both technical expenses and website maintenance, as well as the cost of in-depth articles production (research, writing, preparing illustrations etc.).

Part of the proceedings also goes to various free software projects like Blender Foundation, Ardour, FreeCAD, and others. If you feel like supporting software projects directly instead, we particularly recommend Blender Foundation, Krita, and Øyvind Kolås (GEGL/GIMP).

Thank you for considering supporting this project!