WebP gets color profiles, metadata, and animation support

WebP gets color profiles, metadata, and animation support

Google released a new version of the reference libwebp library that implements the latest features of Google's WebP image format.

All the major new features — Exif/XMP metadata, ICC profiles, and animation — were anticipated since the very beginning of the project. Both hardware accelerated viewer (vwebp) and encoder (cwebp) have been updated to support them. However they don't check validity of metadata and/or emebedded ICC profiles.

Additionally two more applications have been added/updated:

  • gif2webp, which is self-explanatory;
  • webpmux, a WebP muxer, now can create animations and takes WebP files for input and output.

Shortly before the release Mozilla removed “WON'T FIX” from the original request to add support for WebP in Firefox:

We decided to re-open this based on new data that shows that WebP has valid use cases and advantages. We will evaluate a refreshed patch and take it from there.

Right after that they moved the discussion to a new bug report, where contributors post new patches.

The existing plug-in for GIMP hasn't been updated yet.

You can download the libwebp library at Google Code.

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  1. I saw early tests made by a X264 dev showing a vp8 encoded picture (webp) and a standard jpg, for the same filesize, the vp8 was obviously less blocky, but with far less details in it. Far from the neat 40% gain advertised.  I’m curious to see pratical examples of the current state of webp.

  2. With lossless compression, animation and I see some indexed color in the doc, could it be the holy grail for pixel art?

  3. Support for animation? What is this, VP8 again?

  4. Having seen the new gallery (https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/gallery?hl=fr), I must admit that a lossy format with alpha support is more than welcome.

  5. Thanks Alexandre.
    Here you can see some comparisons with APNG:

  6. Google includes considerable service in the online world, so it should be in every moment it can create new things so as not to fall behind with the next competitor.

    I am still waiting on google to release a compatible animated images.