Linux gets support for Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch tablets

Linux gets support for Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch tablets

The most recent of Wacom drivers for Linux features support for the most affordable series of the company's graphic tablets.

The Linuxwacom drivers now fully support the following devices:

  • Intuos Pen Small (CTL480);
  • Intuos Pen & Touch Small (CTH480);
  • Intuos Pen & Touch Medium (CTH680).

There are some smaller changes there, like scaled-up touch width and height values for Intuos Pro.

Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch M

Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch M (CTH-680)

The matching update of libwacom is pending, so GNOME users who rely on the bundled configuration app will need to wait just a while.

Support for other new devices, such as Cintiq 13HD, 22HD touch, and the Intuos Pro series, had landed in earlier Linuxwacom releases this summer and autumn.

The most recent drivers' update should have landed to our Linux distribution by now. Of course, there are always source code tarballs available at SourceForge:

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  1. Can i use wacom intuos on my backtrack flavor linux operating system, or it will only work on ubuntu.?

  2. Does it come with a config program? I see here that you can configure 4 buttons on other OSs.

  3. I just bought this tablet with the Pen and Touch version on the strength of this article. It works out of the box on Kubuntu and Xubuntu 14.04. Complete with the settings panel for all the controls. No install needed. Hooray!
    I tried Xubuntu 13.04, but it did not respond. So I upgraded to 14.04 and now it works.
    The only problem is the finger “touch” zoom and scrolling is all reversed on my PC. The checkbox to invert the direction has no effect. Maybe buy the one without touch.

  4. Just got one of these little lovelies and using SuSE 13.2 it works out of the box :)

  5. Thank you for driver, Wacom works on my Linux Debian