Wacom drivers for X.org get Cintiq 24HD touch support

Wacom drivers for X.org get Cintiq 24HD touch support

The linuxwacom project released an update of its drivers for X.org. The most interesting new feature is a support for Cintiq 24HD touch devices which were introduced by Wacom in July this year.

Cintiq 24HD touch is an improvement on an earlier model announced a year ago, featuring touch functionality on all of the display, and is claimed by the vendor to provide 97% Adobe RGB color gamut.

Interestingly enough, a lot of other changes in the drivers are touch-related too. The said changes range from internal improvements for better flexibility to support for a new multitouch protocol in XInput2 (where available).

Incidentally, just a few days ago LGW spoke to Peter Hutterer about support for advanced input devices in Wayland (which turned v1.0 last week). Peter replied:

The Wayland interfaces so far are pointer, keyboard and touch devices. When I talked to krh [Kristian Høgsberg, Wayland project lead] in September, he didn't yet have any explicit plans for extended devices, though some ideas were floating in the past.

We've got rough ideas for how it could work, but so far I've been unsuccessful in finding time to actually work on it.

There are quite a few useful changes coming in the next release of libwacom as well, which will primarily benefit GNOME users.

Source code of the Wacom drivers for X.org is available for downloading, but if you are not in a hurry, I suggest you contact the package's maintainer in your Linux distribution of choice to ask for an update.

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