VueScan 9.0.05 released with support for 64bit systems

VueScan 9.0.05 released with support for 64bit systems

New version of commercial scanning application VueScan for Windows, Linux and Mac is out with important changes.

The list of changes for v9 (several updates quickly followed v9.0.00) looks like this:

  • builds for 64bit systems are available, you can work on larger than 3GB files now;
  • faster, snappier, more responsive;
  • a more compact user interface with more space used for actual images;
  • VueScan 9 is just one file on Windows and Linux, and a single icon on Mac OS X, so you can copy it on a USB memory stick and carry it around;
  • improved internationalization, which means better non-English support;
  • problems with some older HP scanners have been fixed and support for the following newer ones is available now:
    • Envy 100 D410a
    • Officejet E910
    • Officejet A910
    • Officejet E710
    • Photosmart B210a
    • Photosmart C310a
  • problems with some USB scanners and USB-to-SCSI adapters have been fixed;
  • other fixes.


Windows Linux Mac OS X
32bit 32bit 32bit
64bit 64bit 64bit

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