Two new books on Blender 2.5 by Packt Publishing

Packt Publishing released two new books on Blender 2.5, both available as paper copies and e-books (PDF and ePub).

The first one is called "Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook" and is written by Virgilio Vasconcelos.

Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook

  • Chapter 1: Get Rigging
  • Chapter 2: Rigging the Torso
  • Chapter 3: Eying Animation
  • Chapter 4: Poker Face? Facial Rigging
  • Chapter 5: Hands Down! The Limbs Controllers
  • Chapter 6: Blending with the Animation Workflow
  • Chapter 7: Easy to Say, Hard to Do: Mastering the Basics
  • Chapter 8: Shake That Body: The Mechanics of Body Movement
  • Chapter 9: Spicing it Up: Animation Refinement
  • Chapter 10: Drama King: Acting in Animation
  • Appendix: Planning Your Animation

The other one is called "Blender 2.5 HOTSHOT" and is written by John Herreno.

Blender 2.5 HOTSHOT

  • Project One: Render a Starship Shield Impact
  • Project Two: Fly a Fighter Aircraft Through a Storm
  • Project Three: Construct a Car using Modeling and Shading
  • Project Four: Create a Professional Looking Demo Reel
  • Project Five: Build an Interactive Walkthrough Using the Game Engine
  • Project Six: Detailed Render of the Earth from Space
  • Project Seven: Animate a Humanoid Character
  • Project Eight: Create a Snail
  • Project Nine: Render a Kitchen
  • Project Ten: Model a Basic Humanoid Character

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