TVPaint Animation 10 released with official Linux support

TVPaint Animation 10 released with official Linux support

For people who are not exactly happy with free animation tools for Linux like Synfig, Tupi and Pencil the newly released TVPaint Animation 10 could be a solution.

TVPaint Animation is a commercial application for creating 2D feature film animation. The 10th version that nearly coincided with a minor update of Synfig took 3 years to develop and is packed with major improvements.

TVPaint Animation 10

These are just some of them:

  • grouping of sound tracks, layers and storyboard clips;
  • automatic creation of instances on the timeline;
  • much faster moving and copying on the timeline via drag'n'drop;
  • passepartout in the camera tool;
  • new brushes and tools, brush history, line smoothing.

You can read more about that in the detailed release notes. The application is available in a range of editions, starting with €250 for educational license on standard edition. There is a trial version available for 32bit and 64bit Linux. The application also works on Windows, and builds for Mac are coming soon.

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  1. “Internal AVI format”
    because the world desperately needs more of those…

  2. I was ( not so long time ago before Sintel project ) a beta tester of Tvpaint and a user. TvPaint has the most fast brush engine of the planet earth for sure, various tools and GUI customization are outstanding. A top professional application, good job TVpaint team for proposing a Linux support.

  3. “TVPaint Animation is a commercial application for creating 2D vector feature film animation. “

    just for correction : TVpaint is also ( and primary I think ) for raster 2D animation.
    But also a real swiss army tools for any video editing task ( mattepainting/ vfx / titles artwork / paint-over correction / video montage / filters )  and a really good 2D painting application also.

    So , Tvpaint is the reference of 2D animation tool for studios.

  4. I confirm the correction: it’s not a vector but a raster animation software (there isn’t any vector layers -yet-)

    Good to see the Linux version going on, it’s a bit an expensive software but for such a powerful professional tool it’s worth the cost if you need it.

  5. TVPaint is bitmap software, not vector software, and is a fantastic app for making hand-drawn animation. It has a history going all the way back to the days of the Amiga!

  6. I think that the MyPaint animation fork might be a good OpenSource option if the community is involvement in its development and evolution, right?
    I really wish that it is not a fork, becoming part of the original project.

  7. Alexandre Prokoudine 10 December 2011 at 12:38 am

    Oops, thanks for the fixes, folks. Mea maxima culpa :)

  8. TVPaint seems like a good alternative to Toon Boom Animate.