Tupi goes mobile, launches online collaboration platform

Tupi goes mobile, launches online collaboration platform

There are some things artists tend to expect from software developers these days, like mobile versions of apps and cloud storages for sharing assets. Tupi, a free 2D animation tool, is now getting there.

Gustav Gonzalez recently made some interesting progress with his project. Earlier this month he officially launched Tupitu.be — an online collaboration platform for sharing drawings, storyboards etc. This project primarily focuses on users of Tupi, with a publishing plug-in for Inkscape available, and plugins for GIMP, MyPaint, and Krita in the plans.

To make using this platform a lot more fun, Gustav also released the first version of an Android app, now available on Google Play, as an APK file, and a desktop application for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Captain Marvel by Marco Iñiguez, created with Tupi

The mobile version of Tupi has a simplified UI streamlined for painting on mobile devices and currently has just one tool: a brush with configurable stroke width, color fill, pattern fill, and opacity. Since it's a vector-based brush, you can also toggle autosmoothing of strokes.

All dialogs are low-fat, with a focus on touch interaction

Having released the Android app, Gustav is now refocusing his efforts on the desktop animation tool:

I like the idea of the mobile app as a complement of the project, and I would like to keep working on it, but it will be really hard for me due my lack of time.

Gustav will be working on the features listed in this wishlist. The ideas are prioritized, and most of the high priority ones are about improving the drawing and colorization process: better selection and transformation tool a-la Inkscape, perfect fills with the Bucket tool etc.

An update of the desktop animation app featuring the publishing to Tupitu.be is also available.

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  1. pretty nice and all, but the drawing tools and some elements for the animation are still broken, i mean the program could have used more work in doing what is supposed to do ratter than a new feature that makes it into Messenger Drawing Board, but then again when FOSS software has been known to give rational priority to the core functions?

  2. Alexandre Prokoudine 20 June 2013 at 6:04 am

    @Salvo, isn’t it what the last part of the news is about? :)

  3. what’s this Ministro it wants to install on my tablet?

  4. Alexandre Prokoudine 20 June 2013 at 4:26 pm


    “Ministro is a system wide Qt shared libraries installer/provider service. It acts as a bridge between your apps and Qt libraries.”

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