Tupi 0.1 git06 released with updated tweening

Tupi 0.1 git06 released with updated tweening

Gustav Gonzalez released another intermediate version of Tupi — a 2D animation package for Linux. The changes are mostly under the hood, but one thing very much worth mentioning is a new plug-in architecture for tweening.

The newly released version features only Position Tween plug-in, but right after releasing Gustav already started working on Rotation Tween plug-in. Scaling Tween, Opacity Tween and other types of tweening are planned.

Tweening in Tupi

By the way, the project is currently looking for people willing to contribute to the user manual with proofreading of its English translation.

Right now Tupi seems to be one of the very few active free 2D animation editors, the other being Synfig and Pencil. Tupi descends from KToon — a currently inactive project restarted last year.

Tupi is currently available as source code archive, as well as builds for Fedora 14 and Ubuntu 10.10.


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