tintii 2.4.0 released with smarter user interface

Contrary to some other applications tintii doesn't get released very often. The application still specialises on selective colorization, and the new version comes with a neat set of new features.

First of all, every dominant color now has hue, saturation and lightness sliders, as well as hardness slider that comes in handy when you deal with subtle gradients.

New tintii user interface

The next and very welcome change is the reworked user interface where all the controls are positioned in a rather smarter way.

Lat, but not least — there is now an integrated on-line help system that explains how to use the application efficiently and provides various useful tips.

Unfortunately Linux users will have to grab most recent version of wxWidgets (2.9.1) to build tintii. This is because this particular version of wxWidgets features some important changes for 64bit Mac systems.

You can download tintii for Windows, Linux or Mac.

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