Tears of Steel teaser released

Tears of Steel teaser released

Mango project announced the official name of the open movie project and released the teaser. This is the first video from the project that shows a dozen of FX shots all at once.

“Tears of Steel”, codenamed Mango project, is the 4th open movie project by Blender Institute, supported by Blender Foundation and the community. Just like all previous projects, it aims to give Blender a jolly good testing by using it in production of a short live action movie.

In terms of Blender features to test and develop it focuses on things like Cycles rendering engine, camera and motion tracking, advanced compositing, better color pipeline, better volumetrics etc. Footage is processed as 4K OpenEXR files.

The plot, as published in December, is:

When Thom decides he’d rather be awesome in space than keep dating roboticist Celia, he never imagined he was planting the seeds of Earth’s destruction. Twenty years after this tumultuous romance he has to go back to the Amsterdam scene of his breakup with Celia to save the world. But are a high-powered robotic disguise and a time traveling battle fleet enough to fix a broken heart?

The project has already seen return of people who participated in the production of past open movies: David Revoy (Sintel, concept art), Andy Goralczyk (Big Buck Bunny, art director), Jeremy Davidson (Sintel, character animation). The movie is directed by Ian Hubert of Project London fame.

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  1. Sound an awesome theme movie. hasn’t release yet?