Synfig Studio gets clamped interpolation method

Synfig Studio gets clamped interpolation method

Carlos Lopez et al. released a new version of Synfig Studio, a great free 2D vector animation package. The release deals with imperfections of available interpolation methods, UI and Bezier curves editing.

A new interpolation method called "clamped" removes the problem with "overshots" you probably experienced with the TCB (Tension, Continuity, Bias) method. The video below demonstrates the difference.

The new version also introduces consistent appearance of "Split Tangents" and "Merge Tangents" menu items, as well as for "Loop", "Unloop" and "Remove Item" commands, and makes removing multiple vertexes (or widthpoints) available even if tangents or width control points are selected.

The dockable dialog for handling groups got quite a few improvements as well, such as editing names of groups and objects inside them.

You can find more detailed info about the new version here. Synfig Studio is available as source code and builds for Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora. Windows installers will be available later.

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  1. Synfig studio can also be installed on Macs via MacPorts, with or without X11.