Synapse fills the gap of free node based compositor

Sometimes is so nice to be dead wrong. When we reported on Ramen becoming a closed source project few days ago, we didn't know there was an alternative emerging.

Thanks to a user nicknamed cellstorm we know now about Synapse — another free node based compositor for Linux and Windows.

Amazingly enough, the project doesn't seem to be well known. Judging by downloads count very few people ever tried it. That doesn't really sound fair given that Synapse comes with GPU rendering and ability to write custom GLSL nodes, as well as rotoscoping. Here is a video that actually demonstrates rotoscoping:

The project's page lists even more introductional videos, check them out.

The Windows build is more or less recent and was done on February 14. Both Linux builds, 32bit and 64bit, are from May 2010, but source code is available in SVN, so one could take care of that him/herself. There are about 100 commits between May 2010 and now, including, but not limited to Collada loading and a light manager.


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  1. Really cool! Having some difficulty running the compositor so havent tried it yet though…

  2. Yes it looks really nice and it seems to work very intuitively. But i have some problems too though. All icons are gone for one thing. It has lots of potential and I love the “world of goo” like connections between the nodes… :D

  3. @ejnaren: SVN works fine for me re icons :)

  4. Alright, still can’t get this running…
    Can someone post a quick guide to install this from source?
    Thank you :)

  5. $ svn co synapse (IIRC)
    $ cd synapse
    $ qmake
    $ make
    $ cd bin
    $ sudo cp *.so /usr/lib/
    $ ./alter

    And it runs. I know, this is horrible, but it works :)

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