SVG Cleaner hunts down Corel DRAW elements

SVG Cleaner hunts down Corel DRAW elements

Folks from SVG Cleaner team released an even newer version of the application featuring some cool updates, from new SVG clean-up options to localized interface.

SVG Cleaner, a free application for batch-minimizing SVG images, is now available in English, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian. More translations can be added. If you are willing to join the fun, please contact the team to find out how to proceed translating SVG Cleaner.

SVG Cleaner in Russian

Beginning with this version the app can remove elements and attributes specific to SVG files produced by Corel DRAW. It's also possible to remove empty line and curve segments and apply more conversions:

  • lines to horizontal or vertical equivalents;
  • cubic curve segments to shorthand equivalents;
  • quadratic curve segments into shorthand equivalents;
  • straight curves to lines;

A handy collection of download links is available at For the next version the team is going to focus on creating a CLI version of the application, so that you'd be able to run it on a headless server.

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