SVG Cleaner becomes faster, removes MS Visio elements

SVG Cleaner becomes faster, removes MS Visio elements

Folks from SVG Cleaner project, announced earlier this month, released an important update that fixes bugs, adds new features and introduces an installer for Windows.

In case you missed the first announcement, SVG Cleaner is a new application for batch-processing SVG files. It finds most excessive markup elements and removes them thus making the files lighter without changing their appearance.

The new version fixes some bugs in the back-end that prevented some elements from being wiped out and allows removing attributes added by Microsoft Visio.

Another new feature is removing attributes that are not applicable to elements. E.g. if you outline a text object in Inskcape, the resulted path will still contain text attributes such as:


SVG Cleaner is now able to find such attributes and remove them. Admittedly, upcoming Inkscape 0.49 will take care of that anyway thanks to a Google Summer of Code 2011 project by Abhishek Sharma.

The new version is also considerably faster:

Processing speed

As already mentioned, SVG Cleaner now has a Windows installer. A console version will be available in one of the later versions. The user interface is still available only in English, but the plan is to introduce i18n in the next version.

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