SVG Cleaner 0.6: even faster and more accurate

SVG Cleaner 0.6: even faster and more accurate

The new version of SVG Cleaner by Evgeniy Reizner is ca. 3 times faster at removing excessive markup from SVG illustrations, and it's ca. 10% more accurate at that.

Most changes are in the core. Here's what's new:

  • identical elements are replace with a 'use' element;
  • unused symbols can be removed;
  • elements out of viewbox can be removed;
  • transformation can be applied to shapes, paths, gradients, and Gaussian blur;
  • 'id' attribute can be shortened;
  • duplicated filter elements (only feGaussianBlur) and clipPath element in defs can be removed;
  • Sketch-specific elements can be removed;
  • there are new ways to replace path segments with shorter equivalents.

Accuracy of some existing features has been improved:

  • removal of duplicated gradients in 'defs';
  • the grouping of elments with similar attributes.
  • the conversion of transformation matrices to their shorter equivalents;
  • the ungrouping of container elements;
  • units conversion;
  • the merging of similar gradients;
  • the rounding of numbers;
  • the removal of invisible elements, unused attributes, unused symbols in paths.

It's now possible to use a preset when you run SVG Cleaner from console, and since this release the app only depends on QtCore (QtXml was replaced with TinyXML2).

You can also add multiple files and folders via the toolbar (drag'n'drop works as well). SVG Cleaner will read and analyze folders recursively and only use the subfolders that contain SVG files.

Apart from repository at GitHub there's a source code tarball, a PPA for Ubuntu, as well as a Windows installer, and an app bundle for Mac.

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  1. 10% more accuracy is a big improvement. So a good news.

  2. This looks like a pretty neat tool!!!

  3. What a tool. a must download for all

  4. Thanks for linking to the mac bundle. This is exactly what I was looking for!

    I’ve been using svg’s on my projects a lot more lately so it’s always nice to decrease their size even further.