SVG 2.0 Candidate Recommendation Published, Working Group Charter Extended

SVG 2.0 Candidate Recommendation Published, Working Group Charter Extended

SVG 2.0 is getting closer to completion, with a new candidate recommendation draft published earlier this month. And the working group will continue to work at least till December 2018.​

SVG 2.0 status

In early August, the SVG working group published an updated Candidate Recommendation now hosted at The update does have hatches and gradient meshes removed exactly as expected, as well as various bugs already fixed.

The focus is currently on further bugfixing and updating the test suite which is now hosted at Web Platform Tests.

Charter extension

The working group charter has been extended to 30 November 2018 to update the candidate recommendation (this is now done) and improve the test suite (work in progress). If the group will succeed, W3C expects to bring a new charter to the Advisory Committee before TPAC 2018 (22–26 October 2018).

In an official statement on the charter extension, W3C management said:

The SVG Working Group is currently focused on aligning the SVG 2.0 specification with browser implementations.

That pretty much confirms that browsers do decide what goes into the standard, even if they don’t exactly participate in the standard’s development (one exception from that is Eric Willigers of Google/Chromium, who recently started participating at teleconferences).

Additionally, Bogdan Brinza (Microsoft) has stepped down as the chair of the working group after leaving Microsoft and is now replaced by Dirk Schulze (Adobe).

While not everyone might like the idea of having either corporation at the helm of SVG, it’s worth saying that Bogdan did a very good job at his post, and Dirk is one of a handful of people in the working group who really care about the standard, he’s been present and active at the majority of WG’s teleconferences for at least a decade.


If anything, the development pace of SVG has taught us patience. Hatching and gradient meshes are currently scheduled to return in SVG v2.1, ETA unknown. Both features will continue to be supported by Inkscape, but it’s unclear whether they will be supported by browsers any time soon, and it does directly affect the standard. Nevertheless, there definitely is some light at the end of the tunnel.

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