Sorcer, polyphonic LV2 synth, to be crowdfunded

Sorcer, polyphonic LV2 synth, to be crowdfunded

Harry van Haaren is preparing to release Sorcer, a new polyphonic wavetable synth in LV2, and is attempting to crowdfund the development.

The new synth will be published under the label of OpenAV Productions. Sorcer has two wavetable OSCs, one LFO, an ADSR, a wobble wilter, and master volume section. The sound, Harry suggests, is best for dubstep basslines and harsh pads.

The user interface of Sorcer inherits the same simplicity principles as Luppp, his earlier project, also targeted at live performance.

Here's a track from Harry himself, and Nils Gey also posted something in his blog recently.

What about crowdfunding? Here's how it works. Instead of getting the money and then working on a plug-in Harry first develops that plug-in and then collects 120 euro, each donation strictly 10 euro large. A single donation in a month means that the code will be released in a year.

Now, 120 euro sounds suspiciously low for the amount of work. We asked Harry about that, here's what he came up with:

Indeed, if counting hours and taking a “normal” developer wage. The way I look at it, its a new 2nd physical instrument / MIDI gear for me. I've thought about the details: I know I won't be able to make a living from only this income. I do feel its the best compromise between the linux-audio community and a developer like myself.

The current estimation of Sorcer's arrival in source code is September 2013. You can donate here.

Update: the rest of donations landed a few hours after the post. You can get Sorcer from Github now.

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  1. Clayton Walker 19 May 2013 at 6:41 pm

    A Wobble Wilter? That sounds knarly. :D

  2. Clayton Walker 19 May 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Also, GPL licensed? Eh…

  3. Sorcer sounds totally wicked,
    btw it’s already been released