SlowmoVideo gets motion blur

SlowmoVideo gets motion blur

The opposite effect of slow motion is speeding up a video. However when you do it without any additional processing, you get a rather amateurish looking output.

To smooth things down motion blur effect is often applied, and this is what Simon Eugster did for slowmoVideo—his free slow motion effect generator.

The user interface is not very newbie friendly and exposes the math behind the algorithm which is to some extent explained in the documentation.

Setting motion blur in slowmoVideo

What does the output look like? Here is a demonstration shot by Simon:

Other new features are simple threaded implementation so that you don't get UI locked during processing, and Slowmo Flow Editor for correcting optical flow files. All the changes are currently available in Git repository, with more up to date builds to be added later.

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  1. This tool looks very interesting.

  2. This video looks amazing. The amount of blur in the faster part was very realistic and when it quickly cut to ultra-slow-mo, this was very effective - great job.