Slidehow and DVD authoring app 2ManDVD v1.7.0 released

Slidehow and DVD authoring app 2ManDVD v1.7.0 released

Stephane Gibault released a new version of his 2-in-1 application called 2ManDVD that combines slideshow and DVD authoring features.

The DVD authoring module most got bugfixes, performance improvements and ability to keep track of your display settings such as rulers, coordinate system and the safety zone.

Main window of the slideshow module in 2ManDVD

The slideshow module however got more features. First of all, it can now use videos in slideshows (not in background yet, though). There also are some usability improvements regarding timeline, plus some new effects. Finally the particles system that was merged to the application along with the former standalone SMILE app finally got some enhancements.

Particles settings in 2ManDVD

Stephane doesn't provide builds for Linux, you can only download source code.

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