sK1 v0.9.1 rev.905 is out

sK1 v0.9.1 rev.905 is out

Igor uploaded binary builds of stable SVN checkout of sK1 for Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora and OpenSuSE. sK1 is known as the only vector graphics editor for Linux that export clean no-problem CMYK PDF files ready for commercial printing.

Thanks to a prize won at the Les Trophees du Libre 2009 contest the project now has its own build server, so the plan is to provide packages for mainstream Linux distributions.

While working on v0.9.1 the team refactored a lot of the source code and separated it into a standalone package sk1libs, which will be used in UniConvertor now. Sosk1libs becomes a prerequisite for sK1 and for the next version of UniConvertor.

The new functionality that you can expect in 0.9.1 and which currently doesn't have UI yet is gradients, RGBA and CMYKA.

Ubuntu packages were built with dpkg, so all you need now to install sK1 and sk1libs is to double-click the package files — all dependencies will be automagically resolved.

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