sK1 0.9.1 pre2 (rev.1383) “Made in Brazil”

sK1 0.9.1 pre2 (rev.1383) “Made in Brazil”

Another update to sK1, a free vector graphics editor, was released, matching some of popular users requests.

Most noticeable changes are:

  • initial support for gradients is done, only loading them from documents works so far;
  • flat fills can now have proper alpha channel, so have mouse cursors;
  • page coordinates are now configurable;
  • plug-ins dock was reworked;
  • basic desktop environment integration was added: a system menu item, MIME types definitions, file format selector on GTK+ dialogs;
  • kprinter is no more hardcoded in the printing subsystem;
  • numerous fixes in CDR, SVG, PDF, CGM filters;
  • Ubuntu-specific fixes;
  • Russian, Ukrainian and Traditional Chinese localizations were added.

Less user noticeable changes:

  • Page API was reworked;
  • text objects caching was refactored.

Now, you are probably wondering what changes were introduced to CDR, SVG, PDF, CGM filters. Here they are:

CDR importing:

  • correct dpi detection for bitmap objects;
  • rectangles are read as rectangles, not curves any more (all rounded angles are equal for now);
  • ellipses are read as ellipses now, too;
  • precision of path node coordinates detection was improved.
  • pages can be imported now (custom sized pages not supported yet).

SVG importing/exporting:

  • importing of embedded bitmaps is supported now, when saving SVG, all bitmaps get embedded;.
  • better handling of fonts (importing);
  • initial support for gradients (importing);
  • initial alpha channel support (importing).

CGM has better fonts handling too now.

PDF exporting:

  • support for transparency;
  • gradients support;
  • text saving was fixed.

Localizations were taken from Skencil. If you want to contribute with translation of sK1, there is a quick guide for translators available. Windows and Mac versions are rumoured to be released later.


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