Sintel premiere announced

Sintel premiere announced

Durian project announced date of official premiere of the third open source movie by Blender Foundation. 

Sintel will be presented on September 27 at Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.


Just like two previous movies, Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny, primary objectives of Sintel is to demonstrate state of the art Blender's capabilities and enhance them.

Twice this year Durian team provided much desired sneal peaks into the upcoming movie — a lot more than official trailer reveals. At Libre Graphics Meeting in May and at SIGGRAPH in July the team demonstrated their work on animation, models and rigging.

Right now DVD production has begun. It isn't known yet if the discs will be ready for premiere. As usual, the DVD will contain source code of the movie and builds of Blender that will render the movie for sure (the internal rendering engine was patched, and the pacthes are not available yet).

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