Simple Scan 0.9.0 released with resolution settings

Simple Scan 0.9.0 released with resolution settings

New version of Simple Scan is out and support setting resolution for scanning in Preferences dialog.

Changes apart from that, including v0.8.2, are:

  • crop button was added to the toolbar;
  • building works for vanilla SANE now as well, not just Debian modification like before;
  • scanning for available devices now happens only when a device is attached/removed from a USB port;
  • New File>Email menu item;
  • saving dialog now features list of supported file formats;
  • help was added;
  • various bugfixes.

Now that 0.9.0 is out, Robert Ancell is planning to focus on bugfixing until 1.0, after which he is going to go crazy and implement color management, OCR, integration with photo management software and so on.


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