Sigil, a free EPUB editor, gets spellchecking and localized interface

Sigil, a free EPUB editor, gets spellchecking and localized interface

John Schember released a new version of Sigil, a free EPUB books editor. The glorious v0.5.0 has several major improvements you will certainly put to a great use.

A rather important new feature is inline spellchecking for code view mode with right-click replace options.

Spellchecking in Sigil

Sigil currently ships just a handful of dictionaries. If you are missing a dictionary for your language, just take it from your existing LibreOffice installation. You need to copy both .dic and .aff files to the “dictionaries” folder of Sigil's installation path (which varies from system to system).

Another big change is that the user interface can now be translated into you native language (check the Transifex page). It's already available in 15 languages.

Localized interface in Sigil

The Search & Replace dialog was transformed into a bottom widget and got Perl regular expressions engine instead of the former QRegExp.

Search and replace in Sigil

There is now a Preferences dialog that allows setting vertical/horizontal layout for split view of the book, setting up custom shortcuts to menu commands, choosing default metadata language and default language to check the spelling for (plus custom words list).

Preferences dialog in Sigil

Some smaller feature sneaked it: choosing levels of headers to include to Contents, an image selection dialog for inserting existing images (both book and code views), an ability to select and delete multiple metadata items.

Sigil stays a strictly EPUB editor with a deliberate bias towards editing in code view mode. The current project leader targets power users while not abandoning small publishers. Self-publishers who need simpler tools can already use LibreOffice and soon will be able to use Abiword.

Installers for Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as source code are available for downloading.

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