Shutter 0.87 released with multiple improvements

New version of Shutter, a somewhat underestimated screenshooting tool for Linux, is out with both internal and user visible changes.

Thanks to libunique Shutter now always runs in a single instance even if you run it from console with some arguments.

You can now recapture last captured window, and you can assign a keyboard shortcut to this function, which makes things even easier.

You can now properly capture screenshots of windows that have rounded corners. That will come in handy for e.g. Compiz users.

Shutter is now able to automatically resize a window before capturing it and then automatically resize it back after a picture is taken.

Ubuntu users will also like compatibility with global menu that is used by Unity, and new callouts that match new visual Ubuntu style.

There are even more smaller features and quite a number of bugfixes of which you can learn from the official announcement.

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