Shotwell gets rating and importing from F-Spot

Shotwell gets rating and importing from F-Spot

A new version of Shotwell, a photo management application developed by Yorba, has just been released.

The new version got a long anticipted tool for migration of the library (along with tags and ratings) from F-Spot. While at that, developers added one to five stars rating (press buttons 1-5 in view mode), including marking photos as rejected.

To improve user experience they also added “Last Import” item to the sidebar that makes Shotwell display just the images you imported the last time.

Additionally some smaller features crawled in: double-clicking an event in the sidebar enables renaming it, and all sidebar items got icons.

Shotwell is currently targeted at beginners market. If you are more interested in a more prosumer kind of application, try digiKam: it combines a photo management features and a photo editor with all the common features such as levels, curves, b/w conversion etc., so any photography tutorials for beginners will work just fine unless you go for something exotic.

Either way, Shotwell is going to substitute F-Spot as default photo management application in the coming Ubuntu 10.10. You can download it here.

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