Shared Color Profiles 0.1.2

Shared Color Profiles 0.1.2

Richard Hughes updated his pack of freely distributable generic ICC profiles that are used by GNOME Color Manager.

The new version features several more RGB profiles generated using Argyll and LittleCMS2 using data from the SCARSE project. It also got abstract profiles by Yoshinori Yamakawa (separate+ project) and two gray profiles taken from the Oyranos project.


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  1. The shared-color-profiles are heavily modified and thus are considered random garbage by several experts on the OpenICC email list. Earlier versions did even violate licenses at open dissent. Most profiles have a completely uncertain origin. That is bad for being useful as default and reference material. It is recommended to not use the shared-color-profiles package and do not distribute these profiles.

    The good way is to peer review such data before distribution on a email list like OpenICC. OpenICC prepared profile sets, which meets considerably higher standards.