SGI acquires OpenCFD Ltd., starts OpenFOAM Foundation

Looking back at events in August we discovered something that mostly went unnoticed: SGI acquired OpenCFD Ltd., the company backing development of OpenFOAM. They also co-created OpenFOAM Foundation to ensure prosperity of this free computational fluid dynamics solution.

While the foundation stays in the US, the entire team led by OpenCFD founder Henry Weller moves to UK, where SGI's EMEA Headquarters is located. As part of SGI the team will now be working on both open source version of OpenFOAM, available under GNU GPL, as well as commercial CFD products built on top of it.

Further availability of OpenFOAM as free software means that projects like BlendME, a Blender-based software for rapid design and analysis of commercial and residential building design, will continue to exist and improve.

According to the press-release, apart from the open source version of OpenFOAM there will be:

  • a fee-based OpenFOAM support subscription to help customers implement and run OpenFoam in their environments;
  • a fee-based, fully supported SGI OpenFOAM distribution, including SGI message passing interface (MPI);
  • training and professional services for complex CFD deployments on SGI and in other environments.

It looks like the work is already going full-steam: several days ago Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, announced that its Institute of Fluid Science has begun operation of an SGI high performance computing system that will run various software including OpenFOAM.

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