separate+ 0.5.8 released with alpha channel TIFF support

Yoshinori Yamakawa released a new version of separate+ — a GIMP plug-in that works around absence of proper native CMYK support in GIMP.

A large share of changes has gone into importing of separated files: support for importing of transparent TIFF files, support for alternative button order in the dialog (OK and Cancel swap in Windows) and file type filter. You can now also separate and save layers with alpha channel (works only for TIFF so far).

The other big change is optional support for LittleCMS 2 (configurable before you build separate+). The second version of LCMS hasn't made its way into major Linux distributions yet, so its adoption has been taking time. But if you have it, you can use it in separate+ now.

The other changes are:

  • improved check of the data size and offset values while fetching description of profiles;
  • fixed an issue with x86_64 binary crashing in Mac OS X;
  • shortened time for generating each CMYK layer when the color separation is performed with CMYK pseudo-composite option enabled;
  • profile selection dialog now has an area for displaying metadata of profiles;
  • Spanish localization (by Guillermo Espertino) was added.

The ZIP archive traditionally contains both source code and Windows builds. You can download it here.

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