Self-portraits by Rosie Hardy, or Using GIMP for work and loving it

Self-portraits by Rosie Hardy, or Using GIMP for work and loving it

The rumour has it that real photographers don't use GIMP. Here in the parallel universe, on entirely different Earth, they actually do. Meet Rosie Hardie, Manchester-based studio and event photographer.

For this showcase post we focused on the self-portrait series of pictures Rosie has been taking for a while. This is something you don't see in portfolios of GIMP users on a daily basis.

Here is a timelapse for the picture above:

Editing and compositing techniques that she uses in GIMP are explained in her “Image Transformation” DVD course.

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  1. This is some incredible work, and the tutorials are appreciated. Rosie is quite talented _and_ beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photos, great work fromm Rosie. Thanks for sharing the tutorials as well

  3. The result is so professional and artistic ... I love it!
    But I have the same question that a user on YouTube: What photoshop do you use? :)P

  4. Beautiful photos!!!

  5. Brilliant. Thank yiu

  6. That good work, I really like. is very well

  7. What’s interesting is that I was already familiar with Rosie’s work, but I had no idea she was running GIMP.

    It’s a great sign when you can’t tell if something was created with Adobe software or FOSS.

  8. Alexandre Prokoudine 20 April 2013 at 6:20 pm

    @Riley B, I think at least twice as many people on Behance use free software without tagging their work accordingly. This makes looking for interesting work fairly more complicated :)

  9. Im working in gimp too!
    Check my channel

  10. @ Alexandre Prokoudine, I’d never been to Behance before. The ‘search by tool’ feature is cool. Too bad people don’t tag correctly. I think I first saw Rosie’s work on flickr.

  11. Thank you, Alexandre. Seeing that and how professional photographers use GIMP infuses me with content.

  12. Wanderful works these are !
    Like them so much ! thanks the Creator !

  13. Wow thanks for sharing!

    The Adobe Photoshop video of the self portrait shot in the water was great.

    Gives me some tips on how to do things differently!

  14. I have her DVD, she’s awesome.

    Moar like this please!

  15. Beautiful work, and this just goes to show that it is more about the artist and not about the tools we have. We as photographers get so caught up in gear and software when usually we have more than we need. Very inspiring work indeed!

  16. Beautiful work well i think it’s all about photographers creative idea, love the way he/she took the photo, thanks for sharting

  17. Amazing editing. These photos are really cool.

  18. Beautiful girl with her beautiful pic.

  19. Beautiful pictures - really well done Rosie!

    We usually recommend Photoshop and Lightroom to our students - we run photography courses in London. But after seeing what you can do with GIMP - will definitely give it a try!

    Many thanks for sharing and nice tutorial!


  20. Beautiful photos, great work fromm Rosie. Thanks for sharing the tutorials as well…

  21. Hi,

    This content is really helpful for person who have the obsession for designing.

  22. Thanks for providing such a great article, it was excellent and very informative.
    as a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed.

  23. Awesome high-quality images! I guess, when used by the right people, GIMP can be as competitive as Photoshop or Illustration to help improve your art portfolio, photography collections, and other artistic works.

  24. As always it shows that the talent lies in the individual and not just with the equipment or software they use.Amazing photos.

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  26. amazing photo effects…..thanks for providing those beautiful work

  27. that really great art by.impressive images

  28. Absolutely stunning images, hopefully can ascend to the point where I can replicate some of this beauty in my own.

  29. Nice one. Gimp is a bit tricky to use (but so is Photoshop I guess). Each has a little learning curve involved. I ended up using Photoshop Elements, it’s been great for me.

  30. She is the photographer that got discovered on Flickr, and shot a self portrait for the album cover of Maroon 5

  31. great foto .. i like this

  32. STOKED to see so much high quality work done with GIMP!! Very excited by this.

  33. Great photos, After seen this GIMP work- will definitely give it a try

  34. Beautiful photos. Some ideas are interesting to me. In my portfolio too there are photos with water, but less extravagant.

  35. Awesome work by Rosie.
    Pictures as well as she is very beautiful. On top of this the tutorials are really helpful in designing with with such less efforts.

  36. eNGLISH: No need PhotoShop. Knowing how to use Gimp is spectacular. Programs are just tools, this proves it.


    eSPAÑOL: No se necesita PhotoShop. Saber utilizar Gimp es espectacular. Los programas son solo herramientas, esto lo demuestra.


  37. it’s interesting the effect i beautiful

  38. Me ha encantado tu artículo Alexandre.

    Esta disciplina del Retrato es una de mis debilidades y desde luego Rosie la domina a la perfección.

    Me he pasado a conocer su web y es fantástica.

    Un saludo fotográfico ;-)

  39. Unas fotos con mucho estilo, sencillas y captando la esencia de los fotografiados.

  40. Wow!! Un trabajo impresionante! Muy inspirador. El vídeo está del retoque me ha dejado a boca abierta..muy bueno gracias por comprartirlo

  41. Nice :-) I really like the second portrait photo :-)