Second stage of Blender compositor rewrite gets sponsored

Second stage of Blender compositor rewrite gets sponsored

Jeroen Bakker who proposed rewriting internal Blender compositor for better flexibility and more features got the second stage of his work sponsored today and published a detailed report on his plans.

The ultimately goal of his project is to bring Blender's internal compositing tool to state of the art by implementing tiled rendering, OpenCL based nodes, support for multiple color models etc.

Getting sponsoring for the second stage means the compositor will become entirely tiled based. The status report published today provides more insight into what's happening and what's planned.

Jeroen's short-term goal is "to develop a framework that has visible feedback, but limited features and node support". After this has been done, he will focus on the features and nodes.

For multiple color models support the plan is to use an open source OpenColorIO library developed by Sony. Initially support for color models with 1 and 3 color channels will be implemented, with alpha channel next.

Sponsoring for the next stage of the 5 stages of development will bring beginnings of OpenCL based nodes.

Please refer to the complete report for more details. The developent is ongoing in a local Git repository that is periodically synced to a public available Gitorious repository here.

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