Scribus 1.3.9 released with new templates

Scribus 1.3.9 released with new templates

A new semi-stable version of Scribus, a free desktop publishing application, was released today with minor new features and bugfixes.

The following parts of the applications have been affected.


The new version comes bundled with a number of new color palettes. Mostly those are national American and Japanese standards. There are also palettes from Resene — a paints manufacturer from New Zealand. Apart from that about two dozens of templates have been added: business cards, presentations and brochures. Brochures templates are a bit special in a way that they actually have a background layer with modular grids for those of you who are into Swiss design school.


You can now select one of currently opened scrapbooks to send an object to from right-click menu. The dialog itself now allows you copying or moving a scrapbook item to a different currently opened scrapbook via context (right-click) menu. The scrapbook items are now protected from being lost in case they were sent to a temporary scrapbook. Unfortunately there still seems to be a bug that prevents Scribus from generating thumbnails for some scrapbook items reliably.


The new version includes the Autoquote script that replaces common "programming" quotes with proper quote marks for various languages. It's a very simple tool that implements unsophisicated character replacement and doesn't know of things like nested quotes or paragraphs with text in different languages. Be aware of that.

Color profiles

Scribus doesn't crash any more when you feed it with an image that has a corrupted embedded ICC profile.

EPS support

Some EPS images that break EPS standard can be imported now. Sadly, still no clipping path support yet.


A work on a new user manual is underway. Part of online documentation has already been updated or rewritten and part was written from scratch. This is a work in progress, so expect more changes in the final v1.4.0.

All the downloads are here.

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