Scour 0.17 released with new SVG cleanup options

Jeff Schiller has just released a new version of Scour, his free Python script for cleaning up and optimizing SVG images.

Changes in this version:

  • Only convert to #RRGGBB format if the color name will actually be shorter
  • Remove duplicate gradients
  • Remove empty q,a path segments
  • Scour polyline coordinates just like path/polygon
  • Scour lengths from most attributes
  • Remove redundant SVG namespace declarations and prefixes

You can download the new version here. In other news, Scour has just been added to upcoming Inkscape 0.47.

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  1. feature suggestions:
    1- ‘transform’ corrections (if this code is not doing this, anyway) - this allows .svg drawings become simpler, smaller, and with faster rendering.
    2- precision cropping of float coordinates in an optional lenght (like ‘L 5.477362,3.883726’ becoming ‘L 5,3’ or ‘L 5.47,3.88’ ) - this allows fixing some svg drawing we don’t need this precision become smaller (and on some situations, using only integer values is very welcome)

  2. @nitrofurano

    Jeff says: “Actually both things are tracked:  The precision thing is done already and the transform reduction is in my list of TODOs (the comments in the script at the top).”