Report from KDE Imaging Coding Sprint 2010

Martin Klapetek wrote an interesting report on the third KDE Imaging Coding Sprint that took place on August 27-29 in Aix-en-Provence, France, and was sponsored by KDE e.V.

Several regular digiKam developers and some Google Summer of Code  students participated in the Sprint to improve existing features and implement some new ones (like split view in GPSSync plug-in), as well as discuss further work on the application.

The team was:

  • Gilles Caulier, lead digiKam developer;
  • Andreas Huggel, Exiv2 developer;
  • Aditya Bhatt, GSoC student working on face detection and recognition for digiKam;
  • Kunal Ghosh, GSoC student  developer integrating an ECMAScript support into digiKam;
  • Gabriel Voicu, GSoC student working on geotagging features for digiKam;
  • Michael G. Hansen, regular digiKam developer and Gabriel's GSoC mentor;
  • Marcel Wiesweg, regular digiKam developer;
  • Laurent Espitalier, works on database import from Nikon Project, iPhoto, Picasa and Aperture.

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