Registration open for VIEW Conference 2010

Registration open for VIEW Conference 2010

Registration is open for VIEWConference 2010, an annual CG festival that is taking place in Turin, Italy, on October 26-29.

Notable workshops and talks are:

  • Digital Media for the Creativity series on Blender, LuxRender, MyPaint, GIMP and Al.chemy by Riccardo Gagliarducci, Dalai Felinto and David Revoy;
  • Building a Real Wall-E Robot in Just Six Months by Michael Shantzis;
  • The Visual Effects of Avatar by Bruce Holcomb;
  • The Visual Effects of Inception by Paul Franklin;
  • The Making of the effects for Lost, the final season by Adam Avitalble;
  • Enabling Wonderland: Technologies And Tools Developed For Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland by Parag Havaldar;
  • The making of the effects for IRON MAN 2 by Ged Wright;
  • Experience of Open Source Migration in 2D digital graphic industry by David Revoy.

Keynote will be given by Tim Johnson, director and producer at of DreamWorks Animation, whose most recent completed work is "How To Train Your Dragon".

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