re-lab: we scratch your itches

re-lab: we scratch your itches

We in the re-lab team feel a bit bored. And since some of us have few weeks of family-free time, you can make us happy and joyful. How?

Supposing you want to implement support for some file format in your application, but you hate to look through microscope at the boring binary bits (BBB) trying to figure out what they stand for. This is where we come to aid.

We supply:

  1. A Python script that parses binary files and dumps them into stdout
  2. A specification that explains what various bits mean

We reverse-engineered brush dynamics in Photoshop brushes in the past, and Krita team seems to be making a good use of it now.

Most interesting things for us are multimedia related data: graphics, audio, video. The application, whose file format has to be supported, should run on Linux under WINE. Also, it'd be jolly good to ask developers of that application for the spec first. They probably wouldn't mind sharing.

If you have interesting ideas, just leave a comment below.

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  1. Ah, Flash :) Sounds like an interesting option. I was under impression that Adobe published specs a while ago at request of Gnash team or somebody else.

  2. I thought that Adobe published SWF, not FLA.
    Flash is very good candidate. I cannot guarantee that someone from Synfig developers will work on the fla->sif converter after it will be reverse engineered, but that could be a good push. ^_^

  3. Apple Pro Res 422 video codec.

    The format is pretty much a standard in the commercial video world where next to everyone runs machines with a little fruit on them.
    On linux we can’t even watch them…
    It’s a big hazzle to fire up windows in virtualbox just to watch/convert the little buggers.

    It should be installable in quicktime which runs in wine.

    Whitepaper here:
    Wikipedia here:

  4. @d_rylander: I’ll have a look, thanks!