re-lab: we are looking for Freehand users

re-lab: we are looking for Freehand users

Our little all-but-ambitious re-lab project that aims to bring some justice to the world and help free software to support proprietary file formats is back to working on CDR (Corel DRAW) and FH (Macromedia Freehand).

There are not many issues regarding understanding CDR, just some lack of time. For FH it's a different situation, because the internal structure is a labyrinth with a dozen of Theseus-shaped skeletons. We fear there could be a Minotaur lurking around.

Hence we are interested to collaborate with users who have a very good understanding of Freehand to help us figure out this and that. Please use the Contacts page. The result will hopefully available to you via UniConvertor (and thus should end up in Inkscape and Scribus).

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