Raphaël 1.5 released with numerous improvements

Dmitry Baranovskiy released new version of Raphaël, his JavaScript library that simplifies work with vector graphics on the web.

What's new:

  • fixed IE8 issue with the HTML element named Raphaël
  • fixed precision for arcs in IE
  • added caching to getPointAtSegmentLength function
  • added ability to do more than one animation of an element at the same time
  • added "cubic-bezier()" as an easing method
  • added new syntax for animation (keyframes)
  • hsl2rgb now accept h as degree (0..360), s and b as % (0..100)
  • show="new" instead of target="blank" for SVG
  • added angle method
  • added snapTo method
  • cached popup || activeX for IE
  • fixed insertAfter
  • fixed timeouts for animation
  • added customAttributes


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