Ramen VFX compositor to go proprietary

Ramen VFX compositor to go proprietary

Back in November last year Esteban Tovagliari, principal and only developer of Ramen, a free VFX compositing tool for Linux, Windows and Mac, announced closing of the project.

Since Ramen was (and still is) the only free compositing tool with both HDR precision and, admittedly, beta quality OFX support, the announcement was quite a blow to the project's little yet vibrant community. Well, the project now seems to be closed in a very different sense.


A while ago, few months after releasing announcement, Esteban announced in the project's forum that he is planning to release updated builds, but no source code would be uploaded. His plan is to make Ramen a commercial project to be able to get some more developers involved on, presumably, commercial terms.

Most recently Esteban said: "The application is currently at version 0.7.5. It's an almost complete rewrite of 0.6. Alpha testing will start in a few weeks. The final product will be affordable for small companies, freelancers and even non-professional users."

Failure of Ramen as a community project was actually one of the reasons I wrote the "Contributing to free software projects" guide. For complex free software that is in demand by a very small user base survival is the primary issue: getting burnt out and quitting the project is not so uncommon.

And while we are left without a standalone open source VFX compositor once again, I personally sympathize Esteban and I'm going to watch evolution of Ramen as now commercial project with interest.

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  1. Glad to hear Ramen lives on but sad to hear it abandons open source.
    Well, well…

  2. Well, it’s not the most pleasant news, but you’ve got to hand it over to est: he’s been working on such a complex piece of machinery mostly on his tod.

  3. Would be interesting seeing a fork project from the last libre version of Ramen? is anyone interested on forking it?

  4. Well, there’s always https://github.com/Eibriel/Ramen, but I’m really not sure if Eibriel will try to do anything given that 0.7.5 is on the way.

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