Program of Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 conference is up

Program of Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 conference is up

The program of the annual conference on libre software for creative professionals has been finalized and published. Over 50 developers and users of free software will deliver talks and lead workshops in Toronto on April 29 — May 2.

Although officially the topic is "Beyond the first decade" (the first LGM took place in 2006), this year, the conference has a slight bias towards type design and typography:

  • Peter Sikking (Man+Machine Works) will explain the user interaction design process behind Metapolator.
  • Shankari Priyadarshini Ravichandran (consultant for URW++, Monotype, and Google) will talk about challenges in creating open typefaces for complex scripts such as Tamil.
  • Open Source Publishing team will present their work on stroke fonts...
  • ...and there will be even more fonts and typography related talks.

Chris Murphy (Color Remedies) will summarize the state of color management implementation and then lead both a workshop and a meeting for people interested in the topic.

There's a short web design and programming track too:

  • Amelia Bellamy-Royds (W3C) will introduces key concepts and methods behind accessibility on the web, with a focus on SVG.
  • Carl Chouinard (The Grid) will explain how use comparatively more expressive Grid Style Sheets language.
  • Eric Schrijver will give you a quick tour into creating realtime collaborative web applications with Derby.js and Meteor.js.

The topic of fashion design with open tools will be discussed again with Hong Phuc Dang, founder and organizer of FOSSASIA, although, surprisingly enough, she's not planning to cover Valentina, quite possible the only free pattern-making app with GUI out there.

The 3D/VFX track is not particularly strong this year, and yet you will have a unique chance of meeting Alexandre Gauthier-Foichat, one of the two principal developers of Natron. Alexandre will demonstrate how to use Blender render layers in Natron to produce stunning visual effects.

Jean-François Fortin Tam will talk about PiTiVi, the free/libre non-linear video editor, project management in FOSS project, economics of free software development etc. Additionally, Canadian filmmaker Ben Sainsbury et al. will introduce you to FilmTIME, a simple open source interface/tool for film directors to express creative vision.

For more details please visit the program's page. The team is asking attendees to register for the conference in advance.

The event is free to visit, however you are encouraged to donate to cover travel expenses of people who will give talks, as well as developers who use LGM as a venue for project meetings.

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