Potrace 1.9 released with minor improvements

Peter Selinger has just updated his all-time hit Potrace — a small nifty automatic tracing tool for Linux, Mac, Windows and various UNIXes. 

Potrace is a not very visible, yet important part of the stack of free design tools, because it's in the heart of Inkscape's internal vectorization tool.

Here comes the list of changes as per announcement:

  • the XFig and EPS backends were improved, and a fixed pagesize PDF backend was added;
  • support for BMP version 4 and version 5 files, as well as top-down BMP files, was added;
  • you'll see minor speed improvements to Potrace and major speed improvements to mkbitmap;
  • a Gaussian blur option was added to mkbitmap;
  • a change in the build sustem: libtool is now used to build and optionally install the Potrace library;
  • an optional simplified progress bar was added for dumb terminals;
  • this release also contains some portability improvements, cross-compilation improvements, and minor bug fixes.


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