PoDoFo 0.8.0 released with major changes

New version of PoDoFo library and tools based on it is out. The library is used in Scribus and Fontmatrix.

Developers seem to presume that everyone has a lot of fun spending an hour on reading verbose SVN log since December 2008 after running svn2cl tool few people know about, so here goes the list of most important changes:

  • spot colors supported, include greyscale (ask Ulrich Arnold for details if interested);
  • simple tool called countpages to count pages in a PDF files;
  • simple tool called podofoimg2pdf to merge multiple images into a PDF file on one-image-per-page basis;
  • new tool called podofobox to handle bounding boxes (art box, trim box etc.);
  • changes in podofoimpose tool:
    • readme updated;
    • obsolete plan files removed;
    • several Lua examples added;
    • global variable BoundingBox added with possible values: "crop", "bleed", "trim", "art".
  • changes in podofotxt2pdf tool:
    • input text can finally be set as UTF-8;
    • pages are built top-bottom and not the other way round now;
    • a font name to use can be defined;
  • a major improvement regarding 64bit architectures, a 5GB large PDF was successfully tested;
  • memory leak that appears while creating CID fonts was fixed;
  • handling of underscore and strikeout for unicode text was fixed;
  • PdfColor class was refactored to smaller PdfColorGray, PdfColorRGB, PdfColorCMYK, PdfColorSeparationNone, PdfColorSeparationAll, PdfColorSeparation and PdfColorCieLab classes;
  • lots and lots of other code refactoring;
  • SVN "pagestree" branch merged (ask developers for details);
  • more options for interactive forms generation;
  • TIFF files with palettes are supported now;
  • inline graphics is supported now;
  • lots of bugs and (potential) memory leak fixes, all sorts of smaller improvements.


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