Planned downtime ahead

Planned downtime ahead

Within next 24 hours we are moving to a faster server. Some downtime is expected, so please bear with us. Meanwhile we are interested in having some feedback from you.

There was a suggestion from one of our readers to maintain a calendar again: libre graphics (GIMP, Inkscape, Blender et al.) related events, workshops and so on. Would you be interested in that? Do you have some particular wishes for it? What would be the most approriate location for you—a dedicated page or a sidebar widget?

While at that, if you are Boston based, there is an Inkscape meet-up coming on November 8, co-organized by Mairin Duffy of Fedora design team. Find out more.

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  1. Great to see things move forward! :)
    Sidebar for calendar please. Below popular box. Move down Twitter feed ,that one is mostly just mirroring main blog posts.

  2. I agree with David on the calendar.

    Also, thanks for the daily graphics news fix, Alexandre. LGW really rocks thanks to you!

  3. Very interested in the calendar.
    Both locations looks good to me.
    Thanks for your awesome work !

  4. Looks really great all. Wonder where this is going. Till now learning a lot about topics I didn’t know it exists. Maybe a Forum in the future or a gallery for art, I don’t know. Most wanted for me rumors using Inkscape and gimp within prepress work. Profiles etc. 
    Not must info on that.

  5. @DigiDio

    We had a forum before, but it wasn’t any popular which sent quite a wrong message :) We’ll get back to that question later when we are done with what still has to be done.

    Profiles, if I got you right (i.e. showcases), are important, and there’s some work going on there. Stay tuned :)

  6. Alexandre,

    Maybe your right, there are a lot of forums out their. Still most questions on basic user level no problem to find but I’m just in a stage that I can work with open tools to deliver prepress but I’m still not sure if the workaround is good enough out the end. If you talk about other applications then Adobe they freeze.
    At the other hand I feel it I’am almost there :-)

    Happy weekend you

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