Pinta 0.3 released with 3 new tools and 25 filters

Pinta 0.3 released with 3 new tools and 25 filters

New version of a lightweight raster Paint.NET-like editor called Pinta was released with several new tools and over 20 new filters.


  • three new tools: Gradient Fill, Magic Wand and Text;
  • 25 new filters:
    • blurs: Fragment, Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Surface Blur, Unfocus, Zoom Blur;
    • distortions: Bulge, Frosted Glass, Pixelate, Polar Invertion, Tile Reflection, Twist;
    • noise: Add Noise, Median, Reduce Noise;
    • photo: Red Eye Removal, Sharpen, Soften Portrait,
    • rendering: Clouds, Julia Fractal, Mandelbrot Fractal, Edge Detect, Emboss;
    • stylization: Outline, Relief;
  • preview on canvas for filters was implemented;
  • better view scaling;
  • pixel grid view was added.

You can view screenshots of the new features here.

Developers now think that with Pinta being so close to feature parity with Paint.NET they can focus on bugfixing and smaller fearures from now on.


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