Photo editor delaboratory 0.4 released

Photo editor delaboratory 0.4 released

It's been a while since we last reported on delaboratory, a new photo editor from Jacek Poplawski. The project has been evolving at a moderate pace these past few months, and there are some nice new features available.

Let me remind you highlights of the application:

  • non-destructive editing with 32bit float per color channel precision;
  • transparent support for XYZ, LAB, LCh, CMYK, CMY and more color models;
  • all processing is done on mipmaps (like in darktable);
  • all changes are applied as adjustment layers;
  • up to 5 sample points displaying pixel values in all supported color models;
  • exporting to JPEG and 16bit TIFF (RGB).

The application got several new filters applied as layers: color mixer, highpass filter, color and luminance application. Support for LCh color space was added. The screenshot below illustrates editing a chroma curve in LCh color space.

?????? LCh ? delaboratory 0.4

Some of the existing filters were improved. For instance, blur filter now let's you switch between box blur, gaussian blur and surface blur. What's more important is that since 0.3 you can now save and open projects for tweaking your changes.

Unfortunately delaboratory doesn't yet support color management and still has a rather simplistic UI. According to Jacek, both issues are going to be addressed.

Apart from source code builds for 32bit and 64bit Windows are available for downloading.

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  1. nice idea to edit photos :)
    really liked the concept of introducing filters :)

  2. I really need this software.
    Thanks for share :)

  3. Simple yet effective way to edit pictures!!  The introduction of filters is a great feature too

  4. I have been using this from 2011 and still it seems to me very effective. No complaints