Photo editor delaboratory 0.5 gets an updated UI

Photo editor delaboratory 0.5 gets an updated UI

Jacek Poplawski released a new version of delaboratory — his new photo editor. This version features a UI overhaul and more changes.

The user interface got quite a bit cleaner (albeit there's always more to desire): color space conversions and adjustment layers are one-click buttons in the right sidebar now. The sample points are not in the left sidebar anymore, they are in a floating palette. But most importantly blending has become much easier to use.

Here is a general introduction to delaboratory as of v0.5:

Among other changes is an updated curves dialog with one-click buttons for curve shape presets:

Curves palette with B channel of LAB opened

As well as a new mixer:

Color mixer in LCH mode

Color space conversions have been improved, but sadly there is still no color management support. At least delaboratory will warn you at opening of e.g. a TIFF file with embedded ICC profile.

Highpass filter has been ditched in favour of generic unsharp mask. You can still emulate highpass: use blur and set its blending mode to "add inv".

You can download source code, use a PPA for Ubuntu, and builds for Windows are probably coming. The next thing in plans seems to be zoom support and, possibly, even better sharpening.

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  1. Nice video. Dramatic improvements in Delab 0.5 interface over the older versions.

    Bravo Jacek!