Oyranos 1.1.12 and related apps released

Oyranos 1.1.12 and related apps released

Over last week Kai-Uwe Behrman updated almost the whole stack of his color management applications and libraries, so here comes cumulative news story.

It starts with libXcm, the X11 Colour Management library:

  • XcmEdidParse EDID parser API was added;
  • XcmEvents API was added;
  • license in file headers was fixed;
  • C++ guards in headers were added;
  • documentation was updated.

Then he released initial version of Xcm — a set of tools based on libXcm. The package currently has two tools: xcmedid and xcmevents. Xcmedid parses EDID data for identification and accesses colorimetric data, while xcmevents tool observes known X11 color management events from the command line.

Then Kai-Uwe did a maintainance release of Oyranos, a color management system used by CompIcc (see below), ICC Examin (ICC profiles inspection tool) and KDE's Kolor Manager. The changes are:

  • support for libXcm-0.3.0;
  • support for EDID refresh in oyX1 module;
  • support for 'clro' and 'clrt' tags;
  • installation of qcmsevents tool with its desktop file;

Finally a maintainance release of CompIcc, a Compiz plugin for GPU-side ICC color correction of monitor output, was put online with two important changes:

  • support for libXcm-0.3.0;
  • support for configuration refresh after hotplugging a monitor.

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